Special and delicious blends for you this summer.
AthleTEAcs Sport tea is a Natural Sport Drink - Source of Electrolytes, Hydration and Energy Organic Loose Tea Blends with finest Spices, Flowers, Roots and Herbs Kupa Tea makes a special offer to Real Estate agents a  gift of tea to give to your customers. Small offering for open house or a show, small gifts for reminders and closing Gift Baskets. All done with your Personalized label for Real Estate agents with your information. Unique opportunity to help you bring more sales.
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  Great Idea for Raising Fund for School, Sport Club, Non-Profit Organization  
Kupa Tea is the innovative Loose Leaf Tea Company Thinking Outside the Tea Box™! There are so many ways to incorporate Tea in our everyday life! Our mission - lead you and help you to find YOUR special love for this beautiful ancient drink.

Welcome to Kupa Tea - one stop shop for all your Loose Tea and Tea Accessories needs! We are here to offer you a great selection of Loose Leaf Teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, as well as Party Favors, Gift Tea Sets and Gifts, even Toys and Games, and... a great service! Wide variety of Tea Presses, infusers, measuring spoons, teapot cozies, eco-friendly tea bags will make your tea time enjoyable and easy every time! Are you planning a Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Tea Party and can't decide what to give your friends or a family member for that special occasion?! Here is the solution: a Gift of Tea! Check our highest quality black, green, oolong, white teas, pu-erh,rooibos, blooming flower tea, fruit tea, Organic and caffeine-free teas, FunctionaliTEA™ Wellness teas, AthleTEAcs™ Sport teas, RealTEA™ Real Estate Marketing Tea, Paleo Tea, as well as truly unique Party favors and Gift baskets for any occasions: Corporate events, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Easter, and many more.

AthleTEAcs™ Tea - We believe that nature provides a great sport drink for athletes - tea - and the body responds best to nutrients obtained from natural food sources, and is well designed to respond to and utilize nutrients present in plants. Tea is very beneficial beverage for athletes of all ages due to the high content of antioxidants and potential to energize, hydrate and support the endurance. For an athletes it is best to brew their own tea with real tea leaves. This way there are no additives that may hinder your performance, and you will know exactly what is in your cup. Our AthleTEAcs™ teas designed and mixed specifically to prepare your body for physical performance and regenerate it after.

FunctionaliTEA™ Wellness Teas - These blends are crafted using the finest spices, flowers, roots and herbs from around the world. We use only organic ingredients for these teas. Herbs were put together to bring the best qualities and the best taste. Choose from Detox, Digest, Weight Loss, PMS, Sweet Dreams teas and more!

RealTEA™ Tea - Real estate is about sales and people. And this is the REALITY - people like gifts! RealTEA™ is a great opportunity for Real Estate agent to start building personal and inviting relationships with buyers right in the beginning. To be hired by the buyer, generate future referrals and repeat business, savvy agents can give their potential buyers more than professionalism and excellent service - RealTEA™ as a small personal touch can lead to a BIG DEAL! RealTEA™ - a unique opportunity for agents to stand out in their field.
Small pyramid boxes with a Kupa Tea pyramid tea bag is Excellent for Open House event or as a giveaway at the show - attach your business card or flyer and make visitors remember you!
Eco-friendly tin with Kupa Tea loose leaf tea and personalized label with your picture, agency logo, your contact info and a personal message to your customer. The gift is small but may help your customer to make a big decision which Realtor to choose.
To show your customer how grateful you are that they chose your services and expertise give them a gift they will remember and appreciate. Our closing gift - gift baskets are full of delicious Kupa Tea loose tea and tea accessories. Your customers will enjoy a cup of tea in their new home and use and re-use the accessories. Next time they are looking for a property they will call you!

Paleo Tea - For those who follows Paleo lifestyle, Kupa Tea is offering a new line of Paleo Teas. All our Paleo Teas are Organic and contain only finest ingredients such as herbs and roots with high level of vitamins and minerals.